Opening hours weekdays:  Appointments only

Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00

services and prices

Doctors appointment for driver license bus, truck and taxi

Price: 900 kr

Doctors appointment for workers at sea, MANILA
Price: 900 kr

Doctors appointment for studies/ work abroad
Price: 1000 kr

Medical certificate in case of canceled trip incl. certificate
Price: 1000 kr

Fit-to-fly incl. certificate same day
Price: 1000 kr

Any further questions, please contact us at: 
Email: info@intygslakaren.se

Bring a valid ID
Medical list
All certificates are being distributed digitally with a stamp and the doctors signature

Any Questions? 
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Telephone: 031-7617700
Mail: info@intygslakaren.se
Instagram: Intygsläkaren
Facebook: Intygsläkaren

Address: Södra Allégatan 12, 413 01 Gothenburg

About us

We provide individuals and businesses with COVID-19 (Sars-CoV-2) PCR & Antigen tests with travel certificates signed by our legitimated doctors.

We also provide certificates for higher driver license permissions to the Transport Agency of Sweden, and certificates for sea-service. For other types of certificates, please contact us.